Used CNC Machines have proved time and again, that they are no less efficient or productive when compared to a brand new CNC Machine. Where new units cost a bomb, used CNC units are cheap and only require regular maintenance to stay fit.

When it comes to purchasing a Used CNC Machine, do not naively search for Used CNC machines for sale near me options and peruse from the numerous models available. There are certain factors to keep in mind regarding the working condition of the unit that should be examined before investing in. While it goes without saying to enlist Professional help, some guidelines to follow are your responsibility to prevent blatant scamming during the purchase.

Deviation Values

The deviation or tolerance of a CNC machine refers to the amount of deviation of the machine from the standard physical dimensions of the machined products. This value is essential since too much deviation results in machined pieces that cannot be used for the purpose they are made for since they no longer fit precisely where they are meant to.

The deviation is normal for any Working CNC unit, but excess deviation from the ideal standard results in heavy losses for the business production. Ensure you have a used CNC unit that has less tolerance.

Log-in Hours

When checking the hours of work the used CNC unit has logged in, ask the dealer/supplier to make clear the Cutting-time and Power-on time. 

Cutting-time indicates the hours spent actually machining pieces, while Power-on time indicates the hours the machine has been powered on, but not necessarily used for Cutting or machining. Power-on times contribute towards the overall efficiency of the mechanical life of the CNC machine.

Checking the Log-in hours enables you to determine the conditions of the spindles and cutting tools and helping you decide if any parts need replacement.

Vertical or Horizontal Machining Centers?

Comparing the two, Vertical Machines are smaller hence eating less space; cheaper but require spare tools on a regular basis since they are worn out after heavy use. Productivity is limited on a Vertical CNC machine.

Horizontal Machines are massive, require large spaces and cost a few shipping charges; not as cheap but they do not require any spare parts. Efficiency and high productivity is the main factor that businesses choose to invest in this type of CNC machine.

The choice between the two machines depends on the set of requirements of every business owner. It is important you always keep in mind the size of your workspace as well as your budget when buying any used CNC machine.

Trusting a Reputed Dealer/Supplier when buying a Used CNC Machine

While there are numerous establishments offering their services in the dealing of used CNC machinery, it becomes essential to trust a reputed brand for your purchase.

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