Hi-Tech Machinery Inc. sells and purchases used manual and CNC lathes from some of the top manufacturers like Victor and Acra, Clausing, Hardinge, Sharp, American, Logan, Mazak, Okuma, and LeBond. We purchase sell and purchase all types of used fabricating equipment, metal cutting, and used CNC lathe from all places around the world.

Lathes are employed in glassworking, metal spinning, metalworking, and woodturning. Appropriately equipped metalworking lathe is used to create solids of revolution, helices or screw threads, and plane surfaces. Ornamental lathes yield three-dimensional solids of unbelievable complexity. It is held in a position either in two or one centers. This way, one of them can be progressed horizontally to lodge different material lengths.

Some of the examples of items that can be created on a lathe are table legs, cue sticks, candlestick holders, camshafts, crankshafts, musical instruments, bows, and baseball bats.  

The metal in the metalworking lathe is extracted from the working piece by utilizing a tough cutting tool. It is then fixed to a hard moveable mounting in any one of the turret or tool posts. It is further moved along with the workpiece by utilizing computer-controlled motors or handwheels.                

The tool post functions lead screws by exactly positioning the tool in different kinds of planes. It is possible to drive the tool post automatically or manually to create the finishing and roughing cuts necessary to twist the workpiece. If needed, cutting fluid can also be driven to the cutting spot to drive lubrication, cooling, and dissipating of swarf from workpiece.

Metalworking lathes that are manually controlled mostly offer an adjustable proportion gear train to run the key lead screw. It is the reason CNC lathes employ computers to control movement rates. 

In CNC lathe, the spindle speed remains high. Also, the workpice clamping is reliable and safe. It mostly utilizes hydraulic chuck and so the clamping force adjustment remains reliable and convenient. It also aids in decreasing the labor power of the operator. There are a lot of differences in manual lathe and CNC lathe especially when it comes to technology and processing object structure.

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