Model No. GCY-12″ RED RING National Broach               
Universal Gear Shaving Machine               
Suitable for the finish shaving of spur & helical 
gears  up to 12.75″ (324mm) diameter, and 5.5″ 
(138mm) face-width, via the “crossed-axis” method.
Axial traverse (conventional) shaving capability
Angular traverse (diagonal) shaving capability
Right angle traverse (tangential) shaving capability
Automatic down-feed w/selection in increments
within a range of .0005″ upwards
One (1) set of 6″ center-height precision matched
tailstock & headstock w/centers 
9″ diameter cutter-head
Crowning mechanism with the capability to crown
and taper simultaneously
Full enveloping guards/covers
Full complement of electrics (motors/controls)
Coolant system pump & piping
Pitch diameter of external work    1″ to 12″
Pitch diameter of external work    (25.4-304.8mm)
Maximum work diameter    12.75″   (324mm)
Diametral pitch of work     4-20 DP 
Diametral pitch of work    (6 to 1.25 module)
Max stroke/table trvl: (conventional)    5.5″(138mm)
Max stroke/table trvl: (tangential)     2.375″(60.325mm)
Max stroke/table trvl: (diagonal)     3″  (76.2mm)
Diagonal traverse angle: 
(Straight shave)    0-90 degrees
(Crown shave)     0-45 degrees
Maximum table angle: (crowning)     5 degrees
Maximum table angle: (taper)     1-30 degrees
Maximum cutter angle left/right     25 degrees
Maximum length between centers     22.75″ (577.85mm)
Cutter diameters utilized     7″ & 9″
Cutter diameters utilized    (177.8 & 228.6mm)
Cutter speeds (nine)     71 to 281 rpm
Main drive (cutter head motor)     5 HP 220/440 volt
Table feed motor     3 HP 220/440 volt
Speed of table reciprocation     69 – 7.17 in/min.
Machine overall length     41″  (1041mm)
Machine overall width     55.75″  (1416mm)
Machine overall height    92.5″  (2350mm)
Machine approx. net weight     11,750 lbs(5,341 kGs)