Used CNC Lathes and Turning in Kansas City, MO

Advice That Comes Handy When Looking for Used CNC Lathe for Sale

There are many benefits that come from buying used CNC machinery. However, before purchasing your next metalworking equipment, it is best to first consider what your company’s needs are. Once this has been established, you can easily compare the options available to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

Inculcating Interest in Used CNC Machinery Sales

CNC lathes are known to step-up the ante in expectations when it comes to churning out the most complicated worked-on piece of metal feed. From the cutting to the turning to the finishing, each operation is performed with accuracy and sharp precision. 

While CNC tools are a timely investment, a used CNC lathe is no less of a competitor when comparing the production boost. They are a more feasible option than buying a new CNC lathe unit out-of-the-pocket. Consider buying your used CNC lathe from a trusted dealer like Hi-Tech Machinery Inc., since we offer good quality and most reliable used CNC lathes in the market. All our stock can be inspected under power at our warehouse in Independence, Missouri.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Used CNC Lathe

To understand and make the most of your used CNC lathe, you have to focus on inspecting the most used parts of the used CNC lathe and their functionality, when browsing through different models.

  • Slight wear and tear, or chipped edge in the spindle, results in further damage, not simply to the work-piece but also the machine drive-ways and spindle bearing. Ensure you check for optimum functionality of the spindle, their threads, and bearings.
  • Wear and tear of the bed-way is a general flaw you can expect from a used CNC lathe. However, check for the degree of abrasion and whether it would be beneficial for you in the long-run to either get the machine fixed or to choose another unit.
  • When checking for the efficiency of the gearbox in the used CNC lathe machine, let the sound be your guide. Run the machine at its top speed and listen carefully for abnormal sounds like scraping and knocking around. In case of the visual inspection being possible, check for chipped or broken teeth of the gear.

It is important to consider browsing for your used CNC lathe from a trusted dealer like Hi-Tech Machinery Inc. Simply contact us to glean more information about your inquiries regarding the used CNC lathes or other used CNC machinery.