Used Gear Machines in Kansas City, MO

The part of the machining process that involves manufacturing a gear is called as gear cutting. This cutting process can be approached in different ways depending on the end product needed. It can happen after the usual forming processes like forging, sand casting, extruding, etc. Alternatively, the cutting operation can also be done instead of these forming processes to get to the final product faster.

There are different types of gear cutting processes that a metalworking company can opt for. These namely include:

  • Broaching
  • Hobbing
  • Shaping
  • Grinding
  • Shaving

Timely Investment – Used Gear Cutting Machines

Second-hand equipment is considered a timely investment by many manufacturers, either when starting fresh or when a boost in production is essential. Used gear machines are no less efficient and furnish lasting efficiency in addition to their obvious benefits.

Hi-Tech Machinery Inc., offers its services in the procurement and sales of all used gear cutting machines. We have in stock various used gear cutting machines such as gear hobbers, gear shapers, gear grinders, and gear shavers. You can find these varied models of machinery listed under the used gear machines for sale on our website. We stock brands like Pfauter, Liebherr, Barber & Colman, Cima, Gleason, Churchill, and Reishauer.

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