Used Manual Lathes in Kansas City, MO

Basics of a Manual Lathe Machine

The manual lathe machine is a versatile piece of machinery existing since ancient times. This single tool has helped in the innovation and creation of multiple tools that have crafted the manufacturing industry into what it is today.

Working Principle of the Widely Used Manual Lathes

The lathe machine can be either used for woodcrafting or metalworking, depending on the business’ needs. Turning operations that involve turning the workpiece against the cutting tool to remove excess material to obtain the desired result is what constitutes the process of working the manual lathe.

The Components of a Manual Lathe Machine

A liberally used manual lathe has well-utilized components and their functionality depends on the wear and tear they may have accumulated over time. While it is important to know about each component of a lathe machine, it is also essential to keep them in prime condition to ascertain optimum functioning for their lifecycle.

The bed is the foundation that holds all the components of the lathe machine. The drive-ways allow the carriage, holding the tool post, to move along the X and Z axis. The headstock features the rotating spindle and the means to securely hold the workpiece. Below it lies the gearbox with multiple speed options for running the machine accordingly.

The tailstock is situated at the end of the length of the unit where it has facilities to support the longer workpieces and avoid deflection during machining. The lead screw is a threaded rod connecting the gearbox and the carriage, located along the front of the bed, and supplying the required power to move the carriage.

Types of Generally Used Manual Lathes

The commonly used manual lathes can broadly be categorized into many categories depending on their functionality, source of power, spindle orientation, and other criteria. Varied models of the lathe machine are available in the market, such as –

  • Speed
  • Engine
  • Toolroom
  • Turret lathes
  • CNC lathes

Used manual lathes are the first choice for not just beginners and hobbyists but also for companies in the metalworking industry seeking to begin any lathe work. While they may sound second-handed, when purchased from a reputed dealer, they are repurposed to perform better than the new units.

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