Used Milling Machines in Kansas City, MO

Types of Used Milling Machines

Looking for used milling machines for sale? Milling machines are universally used to obtain precision-cut parts from a specific piece of work metal. Depending on the type of operations they perform, the position of the cutting tools, the orientation of the spindle axes, and other criteria, generally used milling machines fall under a wide category of differentiation.

Nevertheless, using different terminologies has not altered the basic functions of the milling machine. Hi-Tech Machinery Inc. offers various brands of used milling machines for sale.

Having common components like the spindle axis, the bed-way, headstock, tailstock, the gear train, etc., used milling machines can perform a variety of operations owing to the presence of cutting tools whose speed can be regulated accordingly to obtain high-precision cuts. While some units perform single functions like turning, carving, drilling, kneading, threading, etc., sometimes single used milling machines can perform all these varied functions since they can hold multiple cutting tools.

List of Used Milling Machines

Listed below are a few of the commonly used milling machines that have been broadly categorized according to their functions and certain standard criteria.

  • Column

A small and handy milling machine, the drilling function of this machine is ideal for creating car parts. It is the most common type of milling machine in the market, including five basic components, with the cutting tool suspended vertically to perform the drilling operation.

  • C-frame

A sturdy milling machine typically used in industrial settings, it acquires its raw power from being hydraulically powered.

  • Turret

The turret is a versatile milling machine that can be repositioned according to the dimensions of the work-piece. This versatility allows it to churn out products more complicated than car parts.

  • Horizontal

According to the name, the work-piece is fed horizontally on the side-way moving bed-way while the cutting tool moves in a vertical axis, chipping away at the metal. These rank higher in the used milling machines sales and are used to manufacture jigs and high precision parts. They can easily perform many time-consuming boring operations with accuracy.

  • Bed-type

Here, the bed itself serves as the worktable, with the knee absent to encourage longitudinal movement.

  • Planer-style

Functionally similar to the bed-type mill, the planer-style mill, however, has more options for cutting tools that allow a range of operations to be carried out.

  • Tracer

With a suggestive name, the tracer milling machine boosts mass production since it works on crafting traced products from a master model, reproducing the required end product with dexterity en masse and thus, saving time.

  • Gantry

This mill possesses two steel shafts on either side of the work surface with a milling head over them. It is a linear, heavy duty mill that is not as rigid as some of the other milling machines, such as the C-frame mills.

  • Jig Borer

This type of manual milling machine is used to bore holes as it is a vertical milling machine. They consist of a long spindle throw on a bed mill. Precision and accuracy are easy to achieve with this type of manual machine as the handwheels can be graduated down to .0001”.

Listing out the various milling machines is not a big task. The real challenge lies in selecting the right unit from a plethora of used milling machines sold.

When it comes to purchasing used milling machines, you can always count on our services at Hi-Tech Machinery Inc. We supply only the best in class and well-maintained used units, as you will be able to see for yourself when browsing through our exhaustive list of used milling machines for sale.

Indulging in the services of a specialist in the field will enable you to make a potentially beneficial decision regarding the longevity and efficiency of the used unit being purchased.