Used press brakes Kansas City, MO

The terminology that represents a press brake has origins leading back to the 15th century and sometimes beyond. Although press brakes conjure up a certain image in one’s mind, in the manufacturing industry, a press brake is used to bend sheet metal into the desired shape.

Press brakes fall under the general category of fabrication equipment. They consist of punches and dies that enable the bending of the given material into the required angle and shape. A few applications of press brakes include complex or simple bending operations in industries like general housing and interiors, automotive and aircraft industries, and more.

Purchasing the Right Press Brake

Certain factors relating to the object always come into play when deciding to purchase it. Similarly, for a press brake other than your specific requirements and budget, you must look for the toning and bending length the machine furnishes.

  • Tonnage refers to the bending force the press brake can apply, determining the amount of pressure that can be applied to the metal.
  • The bending length refers to the maximum length of sheet metal that can be bent by the machine.

These factors are essential to consider since every press brake differs in their concentrated load limit, which when exceeded can and will damage the press brake.

Types of Press Brakes

Press brakes can be broadly classified under the following:

  • Manual
  • Hydraulic
  • CNC press brakes

Manual brakes were once the most commonly used press brakes since they were easy to understand and use, available for cheap prices and the need for complicated metal bending was not in demand. With the advent of urbanization and population growth, manual press brakes have given way to the more advanced and efficient used hydraulic press brakes and CNC press brakes.

Timely Investment – Used Press Brakes

Second-hand equipment is considered a timely investment by many manufacturers, either when starting fresh or when a boost in production is essential. Used press brakes are no less efficient and furnish lasting efficiency in addition to their obvious benefits.

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