Used radial arm drill press in Kansas City, MO

Exploring Radial Arm Drilling Machines

The radial arm drill press falls under the general category of a drilling machine that is designed to be mounted on a worktable or bolted securely to the floor. A radial arm drill offers a key benefit of being able to drill multiple holes in a single workpiece without having to load, unload, or shift the workpiece on the worktable.

They are called radial since the drilling action happens in a somewhat radial manner, like a
moving hand in a clock.

Components and Working of a Radial Arm Drill

The radial arm drill consists of the bed or the worktable that is either secured to the floor or mounted on an appropriate level. It also consists of the following main parts:

  • a column
  • an adjustable table
  • the spindle holding the chuck
  • the drill head powered by a motor
  • an arm that radiates from the column whose height can be adjusted accordingly.

The arm also features a drill holder that can be moved with ease vertically, thus making it possible to drill hard-to-reach spots on a fairly irregular workpiece. The entire assembly is housed in a robust frame. The column with the pivoting arm has clamps to hold it and the arm in place, since they are mobile and rotating components.

Potential of a Used Radial Arm Drill Press

Used radial arm drills are an ideal choice for bulky drilling operations and the drill bits are equally impressive when drilling through hardened materials like cast iron or solid steel. Practically, the radial drilling machine furnishes quick order runs since the radial motion allows faster processing of multiple workpieces on a single work table and in a single workpiece. Add to it the advancement factor of a built-in computer, and the efficiency and accuracy of the work-handling increases. CNC radial drills take production several steps further by boosting the speed, accuracy, and precision of the measured drills.

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