Metalworking industries use Milling machines to frame a particular metal by removing the excess metal using a high precision rotating cutter. The earliest used Milling machines were made famous by the Van Norman Machine Tool Company who mainly focused on milling machines and grinding machines. Although they closed down by the mid-1980s, associated machining companies that brought the automotive portion of the company still sell the reputed Van Norman Milling Machines under the original name.

Types of Milling machines

  1. Used in the general workshop are the Column and Knee type mills, further divided based on the power supply, table movements and spindle axis. The five types are Hand, Horizontal, Vertical, Universal and Omniversal milling machines.
  2. The Fixed Bed type milling machines are heavy and large with the table mounted on a fixed bed. Depending on the number of spindle heads allowed in the machine, they can be Simple, Duplex or Triplex.
  1. The Planer type milling machines are massive allowing the arrangement of multiple spindle cutters that in turn allow more work surfaces that can be machined.
  1. The Special type of milling machine involves non-conventional designs to suit specific needs. The machine has provisions for movement of the tool in different axes and the spindle to rotate the cutters. The types are: Rotatory, Drum, Planetary, Pantograph, Profiling, Tracer controlled and Computer Numerical Controlled milling machines.

Used Milling Machines

Investing in used milling machines is a profitable venture as they are budget-friendly and if brought from a reliable dealer, are repurposed to last longer and efficiently so. Hi-Tech Machinery Inc., is an established venture dealing in used milling machines for sale. Additionally, such reputed establishments provide you with the added security of obtaining expert servicing on your current machines. Used milling machines can certainly be better than newer models, provided they are guaranteed for their quality of function.