CNC Lathe machines are a timely tool for boosting the production of your business. The Lathe machines churn out complex operations on the required work-piece, furnishing the end product with clean-cut accuracy and desired precision. It is to be expected that the purchase of any efficient tool comes with a high price. Turns out, this does not always hold true.

Used CNC Lathe Machines

A more feasible alternative to going broke or using up a week’s worth of savings is to invest in a used CNC Lathe machine. In addition to being budget-friendly, when purchased from a reputed source like Hi-Tech Machinery Inc, you get the guarantee of the quality of efficiency along with the expert servicing for your existing machines.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Buying Used CNC Lathe

When buying a used CNC lathe machine it would be imperative to check for the functionality of the frequently used parts.

  • The Bed ways in the headstock are the work-centric part of the lathe, meaning eventual wear and tear of the bed. Test out the machine and ascertain the degree of unevenness.
  • Inspect the spindle and its bearing by running the machine at high speeds, checking for unusual sounds or over-heating of the bearings.
  • The back gears situated in the headstock should be checked for any chipped or worn teeth. If they cannot be easily accessed, run the machine and listen for any unusual sounds.
  • Lathes that are geared have a timing belt across the motor to the headstock and should be checked for any abrasions, which is again done by running the machine and going by ear.

If you would rather find your way online, then simply put in ‘Used CNC machines for sale near me’ and a crop of online companies are at your disposal to browse through. Whichever option you choose to buy through, ensure you are aware of the technicalities involved and are dealing with a renowned market or dealer.