The types of machine tools that are used in the solid materials of the machine are called the milling machine. It is a term that is commonly used in industrial and manufacturing applications. It has two fundamental forms, which are,

  • Vertical form
  • Horizontal form

The fundamental forms of the machine are called because of its cutting-tool-spindle’s direction and are based on its axis number.

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Types of Milling Machines and Its Basic Parts

  • Box or Column Mills – It is a very basic machine which is mounted on a bench. It features the head operating up and down the box or the column ways.
  • Knee Mill or Knee-and-column Mill – It refers to those machines that have the X-Y tables. It rides up and down on the vertically adjustable knees.
  • Turret or Vertical Ram Mills – This machine refers to the Bridgeport type that has the spindles which align to various positions.
  • C-Frame Mills – It features the set spindle head and knee that moves only in the vertical direction.
  • Floor Mills – The rotating tables are numbered in a row along the spindle which is in the horizontal position. It is fixed on the rail sets that run parallel to the table rows. These mills are converted chiefly to CNC – Computer Numerical Control.
  • Planer-Style Mills – It is a large mill that is built like the planers. Its only exception is the milling spindle which is in the place with the planning head.

The CNC machines are known for their perfection and accuracy, which is difficult to achieve for the machines that are operated manually. One can also invest in used CNC machines, which ensures the same level of quality and perfection. Make sure to get guided rightly from the experts before investing in one, for your business.