Many articles are debating about which lathe is best suited in today’s industries. Many machinists will admit CNC a better option as they are fast, efficient, and profitable. It is no doubt that CNC is considered a better option as it is great for larger production and presents the exact same copies with very little hard work. None can deny its amazing performance and operation.

But Hi-Tech Machinery Inc. stresses on the manual machine being a good option under three circumstances.

  • CNC machine is busy – This is one of the main reason, why manual machines are a better option. The CNC machines are always busy making large production work, where it has no time for simple and minor jobs. Besides manual machines charge up less when compared to CNC machines.
  • Used manual lathes are cheaper – With no doubt, manual lathes are cheap and affordable. CNC lathes are expensive and it needs toolroom. This again will force you to spend heavily on extra rooms and software. To use CNC machines you must be trained, which again would require you to spend added dollars on training and updating sessions.
  • CNC does not have the right options – To give the best to CNC lathes, you will need its software and tools accordingly. You must program it rightly for perfect operation.

CNC lathes are sure one of the best investments, but when it comes to budget, look out for used manual lathes for sale. They come at an affordable price and will also play the production role perfectly. But if you are stressing about CNC machines, then you can consider the option to buy used cnc machines.

Therefore, no matter whether you are investing in manual or CNC lathe machines, take note to buy only from reputed and reliable dealers like Hi-Tech Machinery Inc. as you will never be compromised in any way.

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