With the objective of mass-producing symmetrical objects like gun barrels or woodwind instruments, Lathe machines employ the use of various cutting tools to chip away at the excess metal of a workpiece held firmly in place by a rotating spindle. The use of different tools implies the numerous cuts and designs the lathe machine can carve out on the rotating workpiece.

CNC Lathe machines are multi-tasking tools that can be programmed to churn out multiple accurately portioned workpieces and make precise cuts or detailing simultaneously in short spans of time while ensuring the manufacturing quality.

A used CNC Lathe machine works just as efficiently to boost the production of any manufacturing business. When purchased from a reputable Machine tools manufacturer, the guarantee and servicing of the used CNC lathe are provided for, making them the go-to choice for many shop owners starting out.

Types of CNC Lathe Machines

Vertical CNC Lathe

The working of a Vertical lathe is similar to pottery making, where the object or workpiece is made to stand vertically on its end. All precise cuts and operations are made easier when working with a Vertical lathe. 

Working in an up-and-down motion, the lathe naturally occupies less space and is much preferred for heavier and larger manufacturing orders. Spindle movements are made steady and Chip evacuation is high, implying faster manufacturing and longevity of the machine parts.

Horizontal CNC Lathe

Reserved for working on smaller workpieces, the Horizontal lathe works in a side-to-side fashion, where the workpiece is rotated cylindrically and the cutting tools scrape away the excess metal. Naturally, the lathe takes up more space.

Since the machining is done against gravity, the Horizontal lathe is preferred to manufacture lighter materials.

Making your Decision – Vertical CNC Lathe or Horizontal CNC Lathe?

The fact that Lathe operations are performed digitally without much manual intervention is a boon in itself. But choosing which CNC lathe to purchase for your business needs requires careful consideration of many factors.

  • Vertical CNC lathes are generally more costly than the Horizontal CNC lathes. This choice depends on your manufacturing needs, whether you frequently work on larger and heavier orders or smaller and quick orders.
  • Ensure the quality of the clamps and chucks on your CNC lathe. In case the workpiece is longer than expected, the chucks will give the workpiece a steady and firm hold to prevent any shifting during the machining process.
  • Vertical CNC lathes offer more productivity in terms of easier handling and occupying less floor space.
  • Horizontal CNC lathes display their efficiency when turning long and heavy workpieces.

Investing with Care

While factoring in the costs, manpower, business needs and facility available for choosing the right CNC lathe, investing in it should also be done with similar consideration.

Trusted Manufacturing Companies furnish plenty of services when dealing with CNC or used CNC tools. Their warranted servicing along with regular maintenance on all existing CNC units prolongs machine life thereby eminently boosting your production.

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