CNC Machining is the go-to option in the Manufacturing Industry for instances where you require accurate end-products of high-quality finish in bulk volume. From Medical to the Marine Industry, the Transportation, Natural Resources and Electronics Industry all employ the use of this brilliant technology to generate necessary components and parts.

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But what exactly is the cost of using the CNC Machining technology?

The answer to that question depends on many factors, from the materials to be machined, your specific requirements, any additional customizations to be added, the labor costs involved and the type of CNC machines to be utilized in the process.

Specifications of an Order

The complexity and volume of your order are to be kept in mind. When dealing with the basic design of your order, the CNC Machinists have to foremost digitalize the specified design and if your requirement is a complicated one, the price is expected to go high. As for the volume of your order, smaller orders tend to cost less for a limited quantity while larger orders cost more but pay overall more in quantity.

Type of CNC Machine Employed

With different types of CNC Machines available to make the job easier, the price is calculated based on two factors – the rate at which the machine was bought and the hours it is supposed to run in a year. The price can sometimes bloat up to include the salary of the Operator as well.

A 3-axis CNC machine can cost between $35 and $40 per hour while a multi-axis CNC machine will cost between $75 and $120 per hour.

Material of the Workpiece

You can choose either from Plastic or Metal. Of course, Plastic is less cheap here but whichever material you choose, you will be tasked to pay for the use of an entire block.

With various types of plastics, the price can range from $17 to $30 per block and $25 to $90 per block for the various types of metals.

Finishing – Necessary or not?

Always know in advance whether you require any finishing techniques to be applied to your end product and communicate this to the CNC Machinist beforehand. While some finishing is done keeping in mind the show of the workpiece, some other finishing serves a tactical purpose. Methods like Anodization and Galvanization make your workpieces more durable if that is what you require.

Labor Costs

The labor costs can come in the form of costs that cover the designing and digitization aspect of your workpiece, as well as the time taken overall for processing, finishing, assembly, and customization. Large orders may cost less down the line but they still eat up on manufacturing time so you will be looking to pay more for the long hours of machine operation.

Shipping Costs

Factor in the Shipping costs depending on the weight of the material that you have used and whether you require your material to be delivered in quick time. Faster deliveries imply higher pay rates.

CNC machining may seem like a piece of cake, but a lot of time and effort goes into churning out those accurately designed end products and managing any unexpected manufacturing troubles while sticking to deadlines.

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