If you have decided to purchase a used CNC lathe, the first and foremost question you will be asking the dealer is the cost. In most cases, the cost of a CNC lathe would depend on certain factors such as:

  •         Shipping
  •         Specifications
  •         Design
  •         Size of the CNC lathe
  •         Manufacturing process
  •         Country of origin

If you are buying CNC lathes manufactured from countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, South Korea, etc. you would find a lot of price differences between each model and machine. The country they have been manufactured plays a major role in the prices.

The CNC lathe’s sizes are mostly mentioned by the distance between centers and the chuck size. Certain lathe comes with modern technology and design and offers the flexibility to upgrade with several options and transform as a sophisticated machine.

There are two kinds of design in CNC lathe. They are complex design and standard design machines. The standard CNC lathe machines are mostly available at reasonable prices but the complex is slightly expensive. The difference between the two designs is the complex machine comes with extra optional parts whereas the standard does not have any option parts.

The CNC machine price is also decided according to the selected options. Extra options such as spindle bore size, chip conveyors special or standard for aluminum, tool setter, CTS (coolant through spindle) systems, guideway system, main spindle torque variety, extra motor power, and Y-axis result in extra price to the standard machine. Extra options such as hydraulic chucks, ATC or automatic tool changers, and special bearings also influence the CNC machine price.

Also, the shipping expense from the manufacturer’s or seller’s location to the customers will increase the price of used CNC machines.

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