Industry of any type is competitive, even more so with the recent pandemic that has swept the nation. There isn’t always the available funds to purchase new equipment but that doesn’t mean you have to go without it. Hi-Tech Machinery Inc is the company you can rely on to provide you with the best quality used manual lathes and a variety of other fabrication equipment in the region.

The Hi-Tech Way

Hi-Tech Machinery Inc is renowned for so many service related reasons.

l Procurement of used CNC machines, used manual lathes and other related fabrication equipment

l The location of a climate controlled warehouse a mere 30 minutes from the airport in Kansas

l Diverse knowledge of various equipment

l Current and up to date information on changes in machinery and technological advancements.

We successfully service and undertake sales throughout a number of countries which include but are not limited to:

l United States

l Europe

l Canada

l UK

l Australia

l South America and

l India

Diversity of Stock

One of the most endearing things about Hi-Tech Machinery Inc. is that you can basically get your hands on anything you are looking for with regards to fabrication. If we don’t have it we will source it for you from one of our very reliable suppliers. The diversity of stock is quite unfounded and includes but is not limited to:

l Used CNC machining centers VMC/HMC

l CNC boring machines

l CNC lathes

l CNC turning centers

l Horizontal and vertical band saws

l Horizontal boring machines

l Engine lathes

l Punch presses

l The best used manual lathes

l And so much more

Are you starting up a new business venture in the fabrication industry? Are you wanting to increase your turnover with more effective equipment as part of your arsenal?  Contact Hi-Tech Machinery Inc today to get your hands on some of the sweetest deals around on used manual lathes, CNC machines, in fact, you name it and we can supply it. 913-306-1377 is the number to call to get your business booming.

If you are looking for quality used manual lathes, CNC machines for your business, give a call to Hi-Tech Machinery Inc. Company.