Conventionally, a lathe machine is also termed as a turning machine since it is one of the basic operations performed by a lathe machine. However, when it comes to automation, there are subtle differences between a CNC lathe and a CNC turning machine.

# Cost

A CNC lathe is comparatively cheaper than a CNC turning machine. The turning machine is priced high since its efficiency is also higher. While the costs may appear troublesome at the start, once production picks up, the profits are clear to witness.

# Efficiency

CNC turning machines are built with mass production capabilities and equipped with various tools and accessories for the same. It is capable of producing more products swiftly and with less intervention than a CNC lathe can produce in a day.

# Design

The CNC turning machine is a heavy and bulky equipment where operations are carried out in an enclosed space. It has various amenities like flood coolant utilization, multiple tool handling options, chip conveyors and more. Comparatively, a CNC lathe machine lacks such amenities, or they are available to a limited degree.

Influence of Used CNC Machines on Business Production

It is a common instance for manufacturing industries to rely on a used CNC lathe machine in tandem with other CNC machines in the assembly line. While a used CNC lathe may not offer much in terms of general production, they can be used for a timely business boost or as effective starter equipment.

When purchased from a reputed dealer, second hand CNC lathes for sale are transformed into repurposed machines with efficiency rates on par with new CNC machines. Ensure to compare the different used CNC lathe machine price before investing in one.

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