At Hi-Tech machinery, we are dedicated to bringing you quality products at a fraction of the market price. Why should a used machine be discarded when it still has so much life to live? We at Hi-Tech machinery implore you to reused preloved machines, not only saving you on cash but saving the environment as well. Get used CNC machines for sale from a team you can trust today!

What is a CNC machine?

A CNC machine is a machine that uses directions from a computer to carry out machining processes. While many companies invest in new CNC machines, purchasing a used one will provide the same purpose!

Hi-Tech Machinery

A manual lathe is an amazing component that allows you to be precise ensuring high accuracy and perfect outcomes. Why not invest in a used manual lathe today!

A red ring gear shaver corrects errors in an index, helical angle, tooth profile, eccentricity. Shaving ensures modifications to reduce gear noises and causes an increase in the gear’s load capacity.

Quality machines from HI-Tech machinery.

We have a quality guarantee. All our machines are tested and inspected to evaluate the working condition of the machine. We price our machines accordingly ensuring you will have something in your budget! We are upfront about the capabilities of the machine so you can have all the information needed. In addition, if you are unsure about the type of machinery that you need, our experts will gladly guide you.

Get used CNC machines from industry professionals.

We are a professional company that aims to bring notice to used CNC machines for sale that still have so much use left in them. We are passionate about bringing you exceptional machines at affordable prices.

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