Fabrication these days is so much more than it was in days gone by. Precision cutting using CNC machines is prevalent in the industry with advancements surpassing anything experienced in the past. The fabrication industry is one that is extremely competitive. In order to stay in the game it is vital to ensure that you are equipped to carry out any task. Being equipped doesn’t necessarily mean an outlay of exorbitant amounts on new equipment. Hi-Tech Machinery Inc is your first choice for the best used CNC machines, the best used manual lathes, boring machines and whatever else will keep you in contention.

Why Hi-Tech Machinery Inc?

I hear you asking the question? Why Hi-Tech when there are so many suppliers in the industry? Hi-Tech sets itself apart from all the rest.

l Experience

l Expertise

l Knowledge of equipment

l Up to date information on advancements in technology and equipment

l The ability to source whatever you may need whether we have it or not

We don’t limit ourselves to only certain equipment, we can get it all where fabrication is concerned.

l Best used CNC machines

l Lathes

l Boring machines

l Welding equipment

And that is the mere tip of the iceberg. If you have something in mind give us a call on 913 – 3016 -1377 and let’s see what we can do to help you at a fraction of the cost of new equipment but with just as high quality.

Has your manual lathe or CNC machine taken a nosedive? Are you frantic about outlaying huge amounts for new equipment so that you can carry on business as usual?

Are you asking yourself the question, “Where are the best used CNC machines for sale near me?” Look no further than the professionals trusted in the industry. Hi-Tech Machinery Inc. is your partner in business.

If you are looking for quality used manual lathe or CNC machine for your business, give a call to Hi-Tech Machinery Inc. Company.